We use Selenium and some other testing tools to develop and fine-tune all applications for the web for withstanding great load and performance.


Selenium is a dependable and portable software testing framework. Selenium is meant mainly for web applications, and it also offers recording and playback tools for authoring tools. This portable software testing framework for web application also provides a test domain specific language known as Selenese, which can be used to write tests using some of the most popular programming languages. It can be run against most of the modern web browsers and can is compatible with multiple operating systems.

GirnarSoft is a leading web solutions company, which also provides a wide range of IT and ITES solutions for businesses across the globe. We have some of the most talented programmers, software developers, architects and IT professionals. We design and develop some of the most thoughtful applications and software to meet the needs of the most demanding clients. We also are one of the finest web application and software testing companies in business. We have talented and seasoned quality check engineers, who test every aspect of any application or software before certifying them. Our programmers use a variety of testing tools including Selenium to test web applications before certifying or delivering them.

At GirnarSoft, we are committed to constantly improving our product standards as well as our expertise, when it comes to developing customized applications or softwares. We use Selenium and some other testing tools to develop and fine-tune all applications for the web for withstanding great load and performance. We have a very talented team of testers, who not only test applications, but also user defined interfaces including SOAP and REST based services. In addition to integrating advanced testing methodology and techniques for the most effective and efficient testing services, we also develop and design customized testing tools and softwares based on a variety of open-sourced softwares to meet your testing needs. We offer all these services at the most competitive prices, and are ready with extended technical support for all our products.

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