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AngularJS Web development – Rise of the frontend ruler.

Introduction to AngularJS Development

Developed by Google, AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript Framework. It is used to make dynamic web applications. AngularJS Web development uses a structural framework approach in the sense that it lets you extend HTML’s vocabulary to your web application. Thus, it allows HTML as a template for your angular web development. This way, all the functionalities, and components developed are expressed using HTML. It results in quicker and intuitive development of your web application.

But if we already had HTML, what was the need for AngularJS Web development?

HTML is not suited to handle dynamic views. And this has become a problem in the current demand scenario where the static web is frowned upon. AngularJS has been designed for this and it handles the dynamic views like a charm. It adds interactivity to the single-page applications, which are its specialty.

It generally becomes a part of a MEAN tech stack.


M – is MongoDB for Database

E – Express.js Web app server

A – is AngularJS

N – Node.js runtime environment

Features of AngularJS Web development

  1. MVC Architecture: AngularJS framework works on the Model-View-Control architecture. This separates the user view from the code logic. The model is responsible for maintaining data, while the view is responsible for what the user sees. The controller is the operation part that does the processing and produces results. When an event occurs, the Controller uses data from the Model and generates the result. This result is then displayed using the view to the user.
  2. Data Binding: AngularJS comes with auto synchronization between the Model and the View. It means if there is a change in the model, the view updates automatically and vice versa. So, the developer has one less thing to worry about.
  3. Controller: This is the functional part working behind the scenes in the DOM.
  4. Form Validation: AngularJS allows the developer to write client-side form validation without writing any JavaScript code.
  5. Routing: It means switching the view from one to another. One of the most essential parts of a single-page application is to make it feel like a desktop application. And routing helps with that. It means, only a certain part of the web page changes along with the URL. A user never feels like they have been redirected from one URL to another.
  6. Deep Linking: A deep link is a URL link that knows where exactly the user is inside the app. This enables the user to bookmark and even email this URL. This URL saves the state of the app, which can be retrieved when the user visits that URL again.
  7. Dependency Injection: AngularJS comes with dependency injection. It allows the developer to declare how the application is wired. With such a declarative approach, the creation and testing of apps become easier.
  8. Cross-Platform: An AngularJS app development company can make Progressive Web Apps using AngularJS. This way, the users of a web application can have an app-like experience using an AngularJS frontend application. The SPA approach makes it feel even more like a native application.

Why use AngularJS Web development?

Apart from solving the problem of the static view, AngularJS comes with so many benefits that over 36 lakh websites all over the world are currently using AngularJS.


  1. Easier to learn
  2. Specialized for Single Page applications
  3. Reusable codes
  4. AngularJS mobile app development is also a thing
  5. Supported by Google
  6. Declarative UI
  7. Faster Development
  8. Easier Testing
  9. Active Community on Google
  10. Less Code Approach
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Companies using AngularJS Web development

AngularJS has become popular along various Industry verticals comprising, but not limited to, Computer Electronics, Health, Social Media, News, Entertainment, and Finance.

Here’s the list of top companies deploying AngularJS as their Frontend warrior:

  1. Microsoft: Microsoft 365 web application uses AngularJS.
  2. Deutsche Bank: Use AngularJS for the frontend of their developer portal.
  3. Snapchat: Snapchat uses AngularJS in its tech stack.
  4. Forbes: Use AngularJS to take care of its front end.
  5. PayPal: Uses AngularJS to build dynamic web pages to handle real-time transactional data.
  6. Samsung: Samsung’s Website page uses AngularJS.

Future Scope and Conclusion

AngularJS was developed in 2009 and has taken the market by storm since then. It is being used everywhere for its frontend capabilities. Big companies opting for custom web application development have understood that. Your favorite applications like Tinder, Snapchat, and Gmail, use it to give their users an impeccable user experience. The thing is that AngularJS is already a frontend superstar, and the only thing that remains now is to become a fan yourself and get an autograph.

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