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ASP.Net development – End of the Static Web

In the world of web technologies, there are numerous languages and frameworks that one can use to develop a website of one’s choice. ASP.Net development is one such technology that we will discuss today.

About ASP.Net

Developed by Microsoft, ASP .Net is an open-source, server-side programming framework for building websites. ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP is an older tech that was released in 1998 as a server-side scripting language. ASP .Net came as a successor to it. In addition to supporting scripting languages, it also supports fully featured programming languages like C#, J#. It is a part of the .Net Framework family and allows developers to build dynamic content-rich websites.

In the earlier days of the internet, the problem of static web pages was haunting everyone on the internet. Microsoft brought ASP as a solution to that. Being a server-side technology, it allowed servers to process information, create dynamic content and show it on the client-side.

A few components of .Net Architecture

  • Common language Specification:

    It contains information regarding which languages are supported by .Net. It also contains instructions on integrating such a language. C# and are commonly supported.

  • Common Language Runtime:

    Also called CLR, it is a platform that not only executes .Net programs but performs other functions like garbage collection, security checking, compilation, etc.

  • Library:

    The .Net Framework library contains many reusable components that make Dot net web application development a lot easier.

What is ASP .Net Core?

It is a newer version of ASP .Net made to support every popular computer platform out there. It is free and open-source, just as ASP .Net, and comes with noticeable performance advantages.

Features of ASP .Net

With its helpful features, ASP dot net web development has enabled developers to overcome various development challenges.

Some of the features are listed here.

  • Asynchronous via async/wait: ASP .Net takes advantage of asynchronous programming. It uses the Model-View-Control approach along with the krestel framework for better performance.
  • Security: ASP .Net is known to implement Cross-site Request Forgery protection by generating anti-forgery tokens. Thus, it doesn’t let any unauthenticated party hijack your authenticated session and take some action on your behalf.
  • State Management: There is hardly anything useful without saving the state of work. HTTP is a stateless protocol. ASP. Net overcomes the problem and is able to save the state of a web application. Saving state means saving the information filled in a web page.
  • High Performance: An ASP .Net development Company often boasts about the performance that the .Net framework offers. A combination of the Krestel web server and ASP .Net Core is a serious contender for the best performing available to date. According to some estimates, it can handle as many as 6 million requests per second. Early Binding, JIT compilation, and native optimization make .Net applications perform even better.
  • Container Support: ASP .Net provides for easier integration with container technology.
  • Caching: ASP .Net supports caching of those pages that are requested more often by the users. It means these pages are saved in such locations, from where faster retrieval is possible. This facility improves the overall app performance.
  • Code Behind Mode: In this approach, the UI and the logic code are separated from each other. This means the developer, no more, has to contend with the design issues. This makes maintenance of the code easier. If one part of the application needs to change, the other doesn’t have to be tweaked accordingly.
  • Cross-Platform: ASP. Net Core has contributed towards making it a Cross-platform technology. It can run on all the platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.
  • Language independent: Dot net application development can be done in multiple languages. So, developers are not bound to know and use any single particular language. This makes it possible for them to work in the language they prefer.

Advantages of using ASP .Net

Those who use ASP .net often talk about the following advantages that made them choose ASP .Net over other technologies. You should start looking for an ASP .Net development company if you need:

  1. Faster Development
  2. High Security
  3. High Performance
  4. Easier Maintenance
  5. No downtime
  6. Purely server-side
  7. Rich Toolbox and Libraries
  8. Scalability


ASP.Net comes with many rich features and can be a perfect Web solution in many business scenarios. ASP.Net core has given a major boost to the future prospects of this technology. Companies that use ASP .Net, currently include Microsoft, StackOverflow, Visual Studio, and GoDaddy. Till this open source web application development solution keeps on its toes, it is definitely going to the survive the future, just as it has survived the past.

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