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Is AI Technology Revolutionary for Digital Marketing and Lead Management?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only a powerful tool to predict stocks, but it is also a replica of advanced future technology. The powerful tool has been introduced to revolutionize a wide variety of business activities. Modern marketers are quite familiar with the name and functionality of AI-powered systems and tools, as such technologies are now being used to bring pace in the practices like digital marketing and lead management.


As a business, you will always want to increase sales and make ways to generate more profit. The process, however, starts from the fundamental aspects like digital marketing, lead management and conversion and IA technologies can have a great impact on them. The blog will highlight the importance and impact of AI in digital marketing and lead generation.


What is AI Technology?


AI or Artificial Intelligence is a computer-generated technology that simulates human intelligence. The technology can be integrated into machines that can imitate multiple human activities like learning, planning, problem-solving and more. Knowledge engineering and machine learning are a core part of AI and an AI-based machine will not be able to function properly until it acquires all relevant information related to the task it has been assigned to.


Role of AI in Digital Marketing

The concept of digital marketing is evolving and the introduction of advanced technology has shaped in many ways. The process of modern-day digital marketing involves content marketing, social media marketing, community building, mobile marketing, paid search marketing, search engine optimization and more.


The advent of AI has mechanized these digital marketing techniques. Now, marketers across the world use the power of AI to understand their target market in a better way. AI technology has introduced the power of automation in many fields of digital marketing. AI can predict customers’ behavior and identify factors that can influence their buying decisions.


Modern marketers use AI tools to analyze data of their existing and target customers to design and deliver tailored solutions. The integration of AI in the existing digital marketing system can abolish the guesswork and make the process more accurate and effective. Have a look at some key roles of AI in digital marketing;

  • Predicts customer behavior
  • Improves personalization
  • Speeds up the process of content creation
  • Filters and maintain data quality
  • Utilizes database patterns and source
  • Improves user experience
  • Automates data extraction and more

Role of AI in Lead Management


Lead management is the modern-day version of traditional advertising and it helps businesses to improve the individual relationship with their customers. The process involves tasks like generating and managing leads. The key objective of lead management is to deliver more personalized solutions to the existing and target customer and encourage them to continue through the funnel.


Like digital marketing, AI technology has revolutionized the process of lead management in many ways. Marketers use AI tools to extract insights from the database and use them to facilitate predictions. AI-based tools or systems use data to make an accurate prediction about leads. 


Human has limitations and they cannot manage lead at large scale irrespective to the level of their insights into the market. AI helps marketers to gain key insights about extracted leads and make decisions accordingly. Here are some of the key features of AI-powered tools or system that can empower lead management;

  • Extracts insights from huge data
  • Builds lead database
  • Filters leads
  • Predicts customer behavior
  • Automates the process of engaging, nurturing and converting
  • Improves the quality of the sales pipeline
  • Improves customer service with tools like chat bots and more

These are some of the key features modern-day marketers can use to make the process of lead management smoother. Many believe that the application of AI technology is still in the infancy, as the technology can be used in a broader extent. However, the integration of AI-powered tools and systems has already revolutionized the process of digital marketing and lead management and if things go in that way, we will have more surprises to witness in the near future.


Key Advantages of Using AI in Digital Marketing and Lead Management


AI-powered tools and systems can influence your digital marketing activities in many ways. One of the key objectives to integrate AI-powered technology is to enjoy 360-degree customer view. AI technology can have a great impact on different key aspects of a business that include marketing, promotion or advertising, pricing, sales, service, competitors’ behavior and more.


Predictive Marketing Solution: AI technology helps businesses to bring predictive marketing solutions. AI tools or systems can analyze available data quickly and deliver an accurate predictable view of the market. This helps businesses to prepare sales and marketing strategies based on specific objectives and long-term goals.


Automated Marketing: AI technology automates the process of marketing and helps marketers to save time and money. It automates marketing methods like email marketing, content creation and distribution.


Reduced Errors and Improved Efficiency: The possibility of making errors is almost zero for an AI-powered system. It can manage and process, filter and use data accurately. AI-based tools can handle repetitive tasks efficiently and this can allow businesses to concentrate on other aspects of marketing like developing strategies, planning and more.


Improved ROI:  AI-powered systems utilize information from the database to predict the future behavior of your target market. AI technology helps marketers to foresee the future approach of existing and target audience. This enables marketers to nurture the target audience through a buying funnel designed to improve sales.


Apart from this, AI technology can help businesses and marketers in many ways. It can reduce the cost of marketing and lead management by automating everyday tasks. AI-based tools and systems have become an indispensable part of digital marketing and the process of lead management and it will continue to surprise us with outstanding features and benefits in the future.     

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