GirnarSoft provide a medium for a quality voice, video and engaging multimedia content to classrooms and projects using office web apps and other media tools.


E-learning creates a broad spectrum for the students to have distance mode of education. It provides a platform to acquire knowledge on different subjects and field exploring the information within these web sites. In traditional form of learning, students stick to a specific text book or a process, which restricts their thinking and analyzing capabilities. e-learning approaches helps students to get involved and develop interest towards their subjects. The domestic market in India for e-learning is picking up at a fast pace. In the past few years, the e-learning platform has shown growth of 30-40%. According to the Economic Times, there are 150 million users in India by 2012 out of which, 45 million are from rural areas, who have successfully registered in e-learning courses. It’s quite evident that e-learning provides a network for every individual to learn and obtain knowledge from multiple platforms.

GirnarSoft endow a great learning platform using efficient tools and technology that can synchronise with your LMS in creating interactive e-learning websites. With growing years of experience in web designing and development services, GirnarSoft has provided successful solution to many clients. Erudite is one successful story of our company which is receiving quality traffic annually, with an effective and efficient website. We have a pool of well experienced technicians and developers who excel in creating an easily accessible website. GirnarSoft provide a medium for a quality voice, video and engaging multimedia content to classrooms and projects using office web apps and other media tools. We provide a cost effective solution with sophisticated customized learning management system that can track the results of every outcome and ongoing process with the lead LMS facility.

GirnarSoft believes in quality work within the scheduled time specified by the client.

We provide services in different principles like:

  •   E-commerce development

  •   Content development and management services

  •   On page and off page optimization services

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